About Me

About Me

I am a lover of books, writing,  art, images and people that capture my attention in awe and inspiration. I delight in dappling in all things creative be it a canoe ride down a calm river or a 10 hour day in my overalls in front of a canvas.


  1. -Invited Speaker Keene State College: Gender & the Fairytale 2010

  2. -Invited Speaker Keene State College: Illustrating the Fairy Tale: The art of Trina Schart Hyman 2009

  3. -Invited Speaker Miami University: Traditioanl Folktales in Contemporary TImes: The art of TSH 2006

Latest Show

Mt. Tom’s Ice Cream Parlor

Cottage St.

Easthampton, MA

Aug 5th 2016


Growing up among the pine trees of New Hampshire, I had an early appreciation for beauty. With an elementary school that encouraged both writing and art, I was quickly enraptured in the prospects of becoming a writer and illustrator--complete with my seven spiral bound, laminated books. As an adult I had the opportunity to hear Will Hillenbrand speak about his career at a school presentation and I was hooked. Choosing to adapt my undergraduate (which was formally in Art Education) to be more children’s literature based, I had the chance to intern and do freelance work for Holiday House Publishing Company in NYC where I learned the ins and outs to the publishing world. While working on a biography of Trina Schart Hyman I have met countless artists and writers who shared their experiences freely with me all of which helped inform and bring growth to my experience as an artist. After a year and a half of graduate work in Illustration, I now happily enjoy life with my partner, and my 6 year old lab, a pair of paint-spattered overalls, and my trusty paint covered laptop in western Massachusetts. 

A picture is worth a thousand words

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